10 West State Street, Granby, MA 01033 - 413-467-3239



Any questions you have that you have that are not answered here please call 467-3239 and
we’d be happy to help!

1. Can anyone use the Granby Senior Center regardless of age?
YES! Anyone of any age is welcome at the Center. If you are staying for lunch and are
under 60 then the cost of the lunch is $5.25. If you are over 60 and are staying for lunch
the cost is a voluntary donation of $2.25.

2. I don’t live in Granby can I still to come the Center?
YES! Anyone from any town can come to the Center for activities, events and/or lunch.
The transportation program is for Granby residents only.

3. Do you have a monthly newsletter with all events and activities listed?
YES! There are several ways to obtain a copy. 1) Call the COA at 467-3239 and
request one be sent to your mailing address or email address. 2) View a copy of the
newsletter on our website. 3) Pick up a copy at any of the banks in
Granby, The Pizza Palace or the Granby Free Public Library. 4) Use the contact form on this website and request one be sent to your mailing address or email address.

4. Does your Center loan out medical equipment and is there a charge?
YES! At any given time we have walkers, tub chairs, transfer benches, canes and
wheelchairs. Please call the Center and we’ll let you know what we currently have.
There is no charge to borrow any of our equipment. A release of liability will need to be
signed before equipment can be obtained.

5. Does your transportation program drive out of town?
YES! We drive in town as well as to all surrounding areas. Trip costs depend on
destination. Transportation is available for lunch, medical appoints and misc.

6. Does the Center accept donations?
YES! We accept donations of food for the pantry, clothing for the clothes closet, books
for the library, and monetary donations (checks made out to the TOWN OF GRANBY). We also accept hearing aid batteries, eye glasses, and sealed personal care items. We do not accept bed linens, cellphones, or medical equipment/supplies at this time.

7. How will I know if the Center is closed for inclement weather?
If WestMass ElderCare’s meal program is closed due to weather then the Senior Center is
closed. Limited staff report to work and will be available by phone if you need to contact us. 22
News and Channel 40 will post the closing on TV. If the weather is severe enough for the Town
Hall to close then the Senior Center will also be closed with no staff reporting.

8. What is your donation policy?

Though most of the programs offered by the Granby Council of Aging are of no-cost to the consumer, the Council accepts voluntary and confidential donations toward costs of services and program enhancement. Services will not be denied to any individual who does not make a voluntary contribution toward costs of services.


10 West State Street, Granby, MA 01033 - 413-467-3239